We are providing quality computer repair at CGC. If you have problems with your PC, contact us and one of our local repair technicians will be working on any computer problems you might experience.

A PC technician will offer you professional service at affordable prices. Whether you need pc repairs, computer upgrades, you want a virus removed, or installation of operating system, just use our 24/7 service to solve your computer related problems. We can also offer your computer maintenance service and computer support at the most affordable prices you can find in Ghana. We deal with all kind of operating systems, which include: Windows Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, Unix Operating Systems and Macintosh. For PC maintenance, computer repairs, computer support let us help you to solving your problems. Do not hesitate to contact us and you will be pleased to have chosen us.

ICT equipment and data centers are part of the company’s most important assets. It therefore makes good sense to keep it clean, free from dirt and bacteria and in good working order. Equally important is choosing the best company to clean it for you. CGC has been carrying out specialist ICT equipment cleaning services since 2013 and has become an authority in this sector. Our clients range from large enterprise to smaller businesses and encompass all sectors of the market. Our service is adaptable for any job – big or small.