Security Solutions

Due to the existence of intruders and bad people in society, CGC brings you a variety of security solutions to your homes and offices to help protect lives and property. We have a range of solutions which includes CCTV video surveillance and security door locks.

Our Video surveillance solution would help protect lives and property at your homes and at your workplace. This is done by mounting our secret cameras with very high video quality at vantage positions of your home or office location. These cameras would

be hidden such that, no criminal would ever detect them. We have both indoor and outdoor cameras to suite all your needs such as capturing all activities that are happening in or around your home or office and would be recorded and can be stored either on a local storage drive or on a remote network storage drive. Our system is such that, you can monitor your home or office remotely on your smart phones or tablets.

Aside our Video Surveillance solution, we also have security door locks that we can install at your home or offices to prevent intruders from getting into your location easily. We have variety of locks that can be used to protect the entrance of your homes and offices. Some of these locks come with secrete cameras and alarms inbuilt.

We have security expertise that installs our security cameras and door locks to give you the best of security. Do dot hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and we are ever ready to conduct a survey at your location to offer you the best protection